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                   APPLICATION NOTES

    Determining the CHN Content of Soil Samples

    Environmental Analysis: Determination of
    CHN in filtered samples

    Environmental Analysis: Determination of Total
    CHN in filtered Oceanographic Samples

    Environmental Analysis: Determinating the Fuel value of
    Waste Material

    CHN Analysis: Handling Challenging Samples

    Direct Determination of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen
    Environmental and Industrial Filter Applications

    Analysis of Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate on the
    CE440 Elemental Analyzer

    Analysis of Nitrocellulose Using the 440 Elemental Analyzer

    Enhanced Combustion for Elemental Analysis of Refractory
    and Steel Compounds on the 440

    CHN Analysis of High Concentration Fluorine Samples on the 440

    Determination of Oxygen in Organic Compounds with the 440

    Determination of Sulfur Content on Glass Fiber Filters

    Handling Techniques and Procedures for Volatile Liquid Samples

    Kjeldahl replacement: Nitrogen Analysis on the CE 440 Elemental Analyzer

    Method for Determination of Organic Carbon on Sediment Samples

    Analysis of Fertilizers Using the 440 Elemental Analyzer

    Method for Determination of Nitrogen in Meat Samples

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